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"A Gardened Earth" & Chinese New Year Parade

Featuring a selection of works by Robert Minervini & Kevin Yeh celebrating the Chinese New Year.

On view by appointment only: March 8th through May 7th, 2015
Private Opening Reception by invitation only

Robert Minervini  -  "A Gardened Earth"

Robert Minervini - "A Gardened Earth"

Sherwood Gallery brings together the works of Robert Minervini, an accomplished Bay Area fine artist, along with Kevin Yeh, a second generation Chinese­-American emerging artist, in a three month gallery exhibition celebration of the Chinese New Year.

The Chinese New Year, also referred to as the Lunar New Year, is based on the movements of the moon. Minervini’s small moon paintings beautifully illustrate humanity’s collective attraction to our closest piece of the heavens. This constant presence in our sky inspires deep wonder about our world. Our connection to the moon symbolizes the duality of our need for emotional resonance as well as intellectual curiosity. Minervini uses his training as a muralist to realize his visions of our interconnected world in multi­layered acrylic works. Through dystopian cityscapes, landscapes, and still life arrangements, Minervini explores the evolving relationship between humanity and land stewardship.

Yeh works within a style of Chinese brush painting with its own variations on technique passed down from his grandfather to Kevin’s father. Yeh’s seemingly effortless graphic style brings notions of boundless energy and celebration. These swiftly painted works result in an amalgamation of stylistic freedom through strict technique.